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Writers Feasts: All the Time Before & All the Time After: Feast with Greg Gibson

 Writers Feasts are dinners generously prepared and donated by Gloucester Writer Center supporters. You pay a fee of $60 for a place at the table. You will converse with an author or participate in a writer themed event. The amount raised from each feast goes to the GWC. If you want to sign up call Susan at 978.852.1713 or send […]

Music from the Poet’s Cabaret

June 20th we celebrate our 5th Anniversary!

In 2013 our third anniversary coincided with Vincent Ferrini’s centenary.  This June Vincent’s spirit returns bringing with him the ghosts of Olson and Eliot. Don’t miss it!   Here is a 2 min clip from 2013’s festivities!  

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If you missed Rock’n Roll Fish tales here it is!

Paralyzed From the Neck Down

By Anthony Weller Wall Street Journal April 10, 2015 6:26 p.m. ET The strangest aspect of being paralyzed is that nobody ever, ever asks you what it’s like. This may be from concern over not hurting your feelings. Or not wanting to bring up the issue. Or superstition that your paralysis might be contagious if […]

Shahar Bram Reads Tuvia Ruebner’s first poem in Hebrew