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An excerpt from forth coming novella by Resident Writer Shahar Bram

Here's an excerpt from a work-in-progress that I worked on while at the Gloucester Writers Center–it is a novella partly inspired by the surroundings and atmosphere in Gloucester. -Shahar Bram Kids’ laughter came from a distance, the joyous sound of children at play. Their voices rolled through the house like waves, washing his thoughts away. […]
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Ed Sanders

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Intern’s Blog #4

  Another week passes here at the GWC, but honestly I think I’ll be talking about the last two weeks in this post, since I sort-of forgot to talk about anything but the “8 Plays for the Price of One” event in my last post. To start with, we were visited by the wonderful writer […]
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Intern’s Blog #3: 8 Plays for the Price of One

  For those that didn’t have the pleasure to attend, two Saturday’s ago (sorry for how horribly slow I am at getting these out) the GWC hosted “8 Plays for the Price of One” at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center.  To say that the night was a phantasmagoric conglomeration of some of the better things […]
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A Picture is Worth a thousand Words

Workshop with Susan Erony. Six Sessions Starting Nov 3rd.
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Intern’s Blog: Post #2

  Hello Everyone, and welcome to the week 2 and 3 post of the Intern’s Blog!    I was running a little behind on the week 2 post so I’m just combining it with week 3.  My name is Max and I am the intern at this here Writers Center.  The days go by and […]
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Rudy Rucker on Being a Visiting Writer in Gloucester

I visited the Writers Center in Gloucester, Mass, for a week. My wife Sylvia was along as well. We were lodged in the modest former home of the late Vincent Ferrini, a friend of Charles Olson’s and a beloved Gloucester poet in his own right. His film-maker nephew Henry Ferrini raised the funds to set […]
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Intern’s Blog: Post #1

Hello to all, My name is Maxwell Snelling and I have the privilege of being the first intern of the Gloucester Writers Center (GWC).  As the first I am also the first writer for this here “Intern’s Blog,” but I hopefully will not be the last.  Henry Ferinni and Annie Thomas, the Co-Founders and Co-Directors […]
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